Enchilositos Secret Mix

Enchilositos Secret Mix

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This is our Enchilositos Treats Mix.  The same mix used for our treats.  This is for those that would love to DIY at home.  With this little kit you will be able to make 1-2+ lbs of treats.(depending how juicy you make them)  Perfect for testing your own treats of choice in your own home. 

Step 1:  Add enough Chamoy to get your treats nice and sticky for the Spice Mix.  Or add as much as you'd like to make them juicier.


Step 2: Add secret spice mix to add that Enchilositos Treats flavor! 

Secret Spice Mix #1 is used for more rich flavored treats. We use this spice mix on the following(Jolly Ranchers, Sour Patch Watermelon, Dez Ropes, Nerd Ropes, Fruit Roll Ups)

We will be dropping a Secret Spice Mix #2 very soon, this spice mix complements most hard treats and fruity treats. We use this spice mix on the following(Skittles, Regular Starburst, Rainbow Bolitas, Chewy Nerds, Gummy Worms)


This DIY kit is the same ingredients we use to make your treats.